Why my voice cannot be heard? (microphone/speaker check)

This article is based on Windows 10.

In case there are multiple audio devices on the system, it might be connected to the wrong device and does not function as desired.
Verify the device to be used and change the Sound setting.


Automatic troubleshooting (use this option to fix the problem automatically)

1. Search for “Sound settings” in windows search.


2. Launch [Sound setting].

3. Select the desired device in [Output] category, adjust the volume and verify that the sound can be heard correctly.


4. Select the desired device in [Input] category and verify that the microphone is capturing the sound correctly.
(volume level changes as audio is captured)


5. If the (3),(4) does not work properly, press [Troubleshoot] to fix it.


6.  From the troubleshooting window, select the device and press [Next] to automatically diagnose and suggest a solution.


Manual troubleshooting (select 1 default device)

1. Select [Sound setting] and then [Manage sound devices]


2. Select the device that is not used and press [Disable]
(set it to be 1 device only under Output and Input category).


3. If the problem is not resolved, go back to the Sound setting and press [Troubleshoot] to correct it.


Tip. Microphone mutes when adjusting speaker volume 

There are cases where the microphone is muted when volume is adjusted using the headset or keyboard button.  

Try to solve it with Troubleshoot from Sound setting.

1. Select [Sound Control Panel] from Sound setting.


2. From the [Recording] tab, make sure that default microphone is set to the correct device. Double click or select Properties. 


3. From the [Levels] tab, check and speaker icon and unmute it.


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