Camera is not recognized on Window 10.

This article was created for Windows 10.

In case the camera is not recognized when starting or joining a meeting in RemoteMeeting, follow the steps below.



First, camera needs to be check to make sure the video is displayed correctly. Click the link below and follow the instructions to check.

 My camera is not recognized (pre-check)

If you still do not see the video, refer to the instruction below.



1. From the Window Start menu, go to [Settings] > [Privacy] > [Camera].

2. Turn ON the [Allow apps to access your camera] option.


3. Go to [Settings] > [Privacy] > [Microphone].

4. Turn ON the [Allow apps to access your microphone] option.

How to set up and test a new microphone on Windows 10 and 11 -

5. Restart the browser.

6. Log in to RemoteMeeting service, start or join a meeting.

 * Both camera and microphone must be turned ON.


If the problem still persists, then submit the issue via Contact Us.

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