Camera is not recognized on Samsung laptops

This article was created for Samsung laptops.

In case the camera is not recognized when starting or joining a meeting in RemoteMeeting, follow the steps below.



First, the camera needs to be checked to make sure the video is displayed correctly. Click the link below and follow the instructions to check.

 My camera is not recognized (pre-check)

If you still do not see the video, refer to the instruction below.



  1. Check OS settings

     Camera is not recognized on Windows 10


  2. Check Samsung settings

If the privacy settings are set to high, the video feed of the webcam is blocked. To solve this, lower the [Recording / Recording prevention] setting in the Privacy menu or uninstall the program.

1) Press 'Windows key + F1'.
2) Click Security from the Settings window on the left menu.
3) If the [Recording / Recording prevention] setting is set to high, then press Reset to lower it.
4) If the problem persists after following the steps above, then try uninstalling the program from Programs and Features in the Control Panel.


  3. Check Samsung settings

Webcam from a laptop or all-in-one PC can be enabled by disabling the Prevent recording option from Samsung Security
(not Samsung Settings).

1) Type “Samsung Security” on the search box (taskbar on the Windows 10 desktop) and launch it (shortcut : Fn + F11)
2) Turn Prevent recording to OFF.

If the problem persists after following the 3 steps above, then contact the manufacturer’s customer support for further assistance.

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