Video duality suddenly degraded

Check the following if the picture quality suddenly deteriorates during a RemoteMeeting meeting.


1. Check if there is a processor and memory intensive task in the background of the user's device.

1) Execute Task Manager by right-clicking the start bar> clicking Task Manager.

2) Run Task Manager in Windows and check the CPU and memory usage.

3) If the memory usage is abnormally high, the problem may be caused by insufficient system resources to perform the RemoteMeeting service in the device you are using.


2. Check for changes in network speed during a RemoteMeeting meeting when the picture suddenly deteriorates.

You can measure the network speed of your PC through a network speed test like

*The above network speed is not the same as the speed in RemoteMeeting because it measures the maximum network speed of the PC, but it can be a reference indicator.


When using Wi-Fi, it is recommended to use a wired LAN, and the RemoteMeeting quality may deteriorate depending on the PC's network environment.


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