I Cannot See The Video Or Hear Audio Of Other Participants. Or Other Participants Cannot See My Video Or Hear My Audio.

In the case of a temporary network problem, refreshing or re-entering cannot solve the problem.

This problem may appear depending on the state of the user's network or PC.

If the same symptom occurs even after refreshing or re-entry, try the following.


1. Check the image quality when opening a conference room > If it is set to HD quality, please change it to normal quality.


2. Check the camera or microphone settings to test if they are working properly.

Please make sure that other apps in "Choose Microsoft Store apps that can access your camera" are not in the "On" state.

If you are using the camera in another app, please change the status to "Off".

Check if Google Chrome is allowed in "Allow the desktop app to use the camera".


3. When using a webcam, change to a different USB port and plug it in.


4. If the other party cannot hear the sound normally, test it using a separate headphone.


If it does not work normally even after checking all of the above, contact us via Helpdesk.


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