I am not receiving the authentication email.



In case the authentication email is not received or cannot reach the user's inbox after adding the user to the group, please check the following.


[Cannot receive user registration authentication email]

1. Check your spam mailbox.

2. Check whether it is in AWS Blacklist (RBL / DNSBL).


[Email related to meeting invite or password reset cannot be sent]

- Invitation mail error message: Transmission failed

- Error code related to administrator page password reset: Error code 40834

- Email information is incorrect. Please check your email settings and try again. : Error code 40834


1. Request the security team to check the api.remotemeeting.com in the firewall settings.

2. If mail is not sent without an error message or error code, it is necessary to review the transmission failure history. For this, contact us via Helpdesk for further assistance.

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