Cannot share Excel or Word documents (error code 40400)


When I try to share a document in the format of Excel or Word, I get a error message with the code 40400



1. Reconnect after clearing the cache.

- Chrome > Tools > More tools > Clear browsing data (Shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+Del)

- Click the "Delete browsing data" button



2. For HWP documents, convert it to PDF format and then upload.


If the problem persists, contact us via Helpdesk with the following information.

> Check the network environment (firewall, proxy) and version information (browser version, app version).

> Check the diagnosis result using the connection status diagnosis tool on the customer's PC.

> Please tell us the meeting history time and participation ID information for the meeting.

> Please upload additional confirmed information (capture of issue occurrence situation) together.


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