Error code ( 83005 / 83006 ) > Cannot connect to the server


The error code 83005/ 83006 is displayed with the message "Could not connect to the server".

This error message appears when the connection with AMS (Advanced Media Server aka "Media Server") that processes video and audio of the RemoteMeeting service fails.

If you cannot connect to the media server, you will not be able to open or attend meetings.

Checking the firewall information and contact your network administrator.

View media server information



Perform the <Connection Status Diagnosis> service provided by the remote meeting site.


Video Guide: Diagnosing Connection Status


Verify that you can connect to the media server.

  • When using the service in a firewall environment, register the media server information above.
  • Check if the above media server is blocked by a security program.
  • In the case of a proxy environment, you may not be able to connect.

Verify the current network status.

  • Check if the network is internet-enabled.
  • The connection to the server may not be possible due to a temporary Internet outage.


If the problem persists, contact us via Helpdesk with the following information.

- Network environment used (firewall, proxy, wired/wireless, network
- Browser name and version information
- Address of the room to which the connection was attempted (full domain information)


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