Error code ( 83003 / 73003 / 63003 ) > cause and resolution

Users might encounter error messages while using RemoteMeeting service. 

Follow the instruction below if you encounter the error code - 83003, 73003, 63003



This error code is shown when a user tries to join a room before it has been created.

Possible causes are:

  • Trying to join a meeting right after receiving the invitation.
  • Trying to create a meeting in the same room with another user.
  • Trying to join a room where it is being created.



Before joining a meeting, check the room status to be “Creating..” or “Ending (exit)”.

  • Try refreshing the browser and create or join a meeting.
  • Try starting a meeting from an empty room in the lounge.
  • Verify the room number and connection URL is correct.
  • Try logging out, restart the browser, log back in and create or join a room.
  • Try clearing the cache from the browser's setting.


If the problem persists, contact us via Contact Us with the following information for further assistance.

  • Your PC’s OS version, PC specification (CPU, memory), network bandwidth.
  • Network environment (firewall, proxy, wired/wireless, network speed -
  • Browser name and version
  • Room’s address (URL including the domain).
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