I am not using the camera, but I get a message saying it is being used by another application

If the problem persists after following the steps below, contact us via Helpdesk.

1. On the Chrome browser, clear up the cache, restart and test the camera.
- Enter the address below to Chrome URL address bar to delete only the RemoteMeeting website cache


2. Check camera accessibility in Chrome
(1) Chrome Settings: Settings > Privacy & Security > Site Settings > Camera/Microphone Permissions
(2) Camera operation test (camera resolution)
Link: https://webrtc.github.io/samples/src/content/getusermedia/resolution/

(3) 3rd party video meeting test
Link: https://meet.jit.si/


3. Check OS settings
(1) Windows: Settings > Privacy > Camera: Allow access to camera from desktop app > Allow Chrome
(2) Mac: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Camera/Microphone: Allow Chrome


4. Camera usage process check (WPUC application)
Link: https://help.remotemeeting.com/hc/en/articles/360046776973


5. Security/Antivirus Program Policy Check (if access to camera is restricted for Chrome)


6. OS latest update (rarely occurs on PC with lower build version)


7. If the problem cannot be solved, use Edge version 80 or higher.

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