What is RemoteMeeting serivce?

RemoteMeeting is a 100% web browser-based video conferencing service that anyone can use conveniently without the need for a separate program installation.
In addition to video conferencing, you can perform various video collaboration tasks with additional features such as document and screen sharing, and chat.


Using RemoteMeeting Video Conferencing Service

Meeting organizer
: Group manager sign up > Group user registration > Service sign in > Start meeting > Invite > Join > Conduct

Meeting participants
: Group user authentication > Service sign in > Join > Participate


Using RemoteMeeting from PC
- Group manager can sign up, start and join meetings.
- Access the service from the Chrome web browser.
Learn more: Use RemoteMeeting from PC


Using RemoteMeeting from Mobile

- Participants can start and join a meeting except sign up.
- Download and install the RemoteMeeting app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
Learn more: Use RemoteMeeting from Mobile

Non-members who have not signed up can participate in the invited meeting as a guest.


Reference: Watch video to learn more about RemoteMeeting

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