Contacting a DEMO meeting

RemoteMeeting offers AI Demo feature on the website to try and learn about the service.

Learn more about the options below.


<1 to 1 DEMO meeting>

1. Open RemoteMeeting website and press [Start a meeting] button.

2. Without signing up, enter a nickname and press [JOIN]

3. Meeting will start and the room will be named as Free.

* Meeting will start in high resolution and can be conducted as 1 to 1. Sign up instruction will be displayed after ending the meeting.


<AI DEMO meeting>

1. Click on [Start AI demo] button on the website.

2. Read the instruction and press [Start AI demo] button on the pop-up.

3. Once the meeting starts, ARU will join the meeting and explain the features.

4. Check the presentation list on the chat window located on the right side of the screen.

5. Select the presentation to open the document sharing and listen to the description.

6. Note that demo meeting will start over if you exit and join back in.


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