6 Tips and Etiquettes for a better video conferencing

In video conferencing, it's important to hear well as much as seeing others. Here are some tips to help you communicate better visually and audibly.


1. When connecting from a public place with a laptop, use earphone or headset.tip_01.png

- When using the laptop's built-in microphone, the sound of keyboard strokes, the surroundings and other people's conversation interferes with the transmission of your voice.
- When using earphones or headsets, do not place the microphone too close to your mouth. Even the sound of your breathing might be transmitted loudly.


2. When there is no earphone or headset to connect to the laptop.


- Locate and speak towards the laptop's microphone.
- Keep yourself about 30cm ~ 1m away from the microphone.
- Increase the recording level or microphone boost from the Control Panel.


3. When there is a howling sound.


- The feedback loop occurs when there are multiple participants connecting from different devices in the same physical space.

- To solve this, either every participants use a headset or turn off all microphone and speaker except one. Also, it helps to reduce the feedback by keep a distance with each other (about 2m).


4. When too much noise is heard during the meeting.


- Turn off the microphone one by one to check the symptoms and find the person causing the noise.
- Activate the speaker's microphone only by using the moderator mode to have a meeting with clearer sound quality.


5. When your voice is heard intermittently by other participants.


- On unstable network environment, the audio may be interrupted.
- Wired networks are more stable than wireless networks.
- Avoid network-intensive tasks such as sending and receiving files during a meeting.
- It is recommended to turn off software that uses large PC resources.


6. When the physical meeting room is large, try using an external microphone.


- It is recommended to connect a dedicated speaker/microphone included in the RemoteMeeting BOX set or a separate microphone.
- Voice of multiple people in the same room is better captured when using an omni-directional microphone.
- Prevent howling by using a microphone with echo canceling function.

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