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Hello, this is the RemoteMeeting Team.

In our effort to provide a better service, RemoteMeeting is greatly adjusting the global ASP price and payment method as follows. Customers who purchase new or additional purchases as of March 30, 2022, will enjoy the following changes.


▣ Make payment easier and simpler with Paypal.

For details on PayPal payments, log in as manager and go to > Admin page > Payments > Plans/Purchase.


▣ Get the RemoteMeeting at a resonable price.

1. Find RemoteMeeting at a significantly reduced price from $17.99/User/Month price to  12.49/User/Month.
2. The pricing policy has been improved and licenses can be purchased without a minimum quantity from the existing minimum 5 user rule.
3. Pay-per-Usage plan has been removed, where users pay for the used meeting time.
The pricing plan is now simplified to Pay-per-User plan that allows users to start a video conference room anytime, anywhere, and use the service as much as needed for the purchased license.


Warm regards,
RemoteMeeting team

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