Specification change notice for iOS 13 (effective October 19, 2023)

Hello, this is RemoteMeeting.

We sincerely thank the customers who always use the remote meeting service.

In line with the new iOS trend, low-use iOS versions will be excluded from service support from October 19, 2023 to focus on remote meeting service delivery capabilities.
Therefore,the minimum support specification for remote meetings will be changed as follows, so we ask for your understanding.

- Effective date : October 19, 2023
- Target: RemoteMeeting App (iOS)
- Changes :
   Deprecated : iOS 13
   Minimum specfication : iOS 14 and later

As of October 19, 2023, RemoteMeeting service will not be available on devices with iOS 13.
Customers who are using a terminal with the OS can use the service after upgrading the OS.

Thank you.

RemoteMeeting Teams

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