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When you need to participate in a video conference on the go, do you connect with your mobile phone?
We all had that moment when you had to unexpectedly have a video conference while on the go,
but it was difficult to show yourself because it was a public place such as a subway, street, or coffee shop.
Now, available on mobile, you can apply a virtual background just like on a PC to hide the your surroundings.




<How to Use>
1) Start a meeting from the RemoteMeeting app.
2) Go to Menu > Background
3) Select the desired background and press Apply.
In addition, UX has been improved for an easier and faster online meetings.

<Mobile background>
- Android 6.0 or higher (Android 8.0 or higher recommended)
- iOS 12 or later (recommended to use basic mode if gets too hot)
* Frame rates may be low on low-performance devices.



⇢ When starting a video conference in [Document Sharing Mode] on mobile,
the [Start Sharing] button has been added to start immediately.

⇢ When a video conference is started with [Document Sharing Mode] on your PC
without sharing a document,a participant joined from a mobile can share the document instead.




What if LG All-in-One Video Conferencing Display (LG ONE:Quick) is installed in the conference room?
Meet online at any time without any additional equipment such as laptops, cameras, or speakers,
just through OneQuick RemoteMeeting.
You can enjoy a more immersive non-face-to-face video conferencing on a wide and clear 4K screen.


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