RemoteMeeting ASP specification change notice (October 2021)

Hello, this is the RemoteMeeting Team.
We sincerely thank our customers for being part of the RemoteMeeting experience.

RemoteMeeting was developed and provides services using WebRTC technology.
Currently, WebRTC technology presents significantly low utilization rate on iOS 12 & MacOS 10.14.

In response to the problem such as intermittent service disruption due to the low resources on the device, some older versions with low resource specification will be excluded from service support as of October 2021.

To respond to the latest WebRTC library functions and provide more convenient functions
In order to focus on the ability to provide remote meeting services, the minimum requirements for remote meeting support will be changed as follows, so we ask for your understanding.

In line with the change in the WebRTC, the minimum specifications for RemoteMeeting will be modified accordingly to reliably access the latest WebRTC library functions and provide a more convenient service.

- Effective date: From October 2021 (based on product update date)
- Target: RemoteMeeting ASP service
- Changes: iOS 12 and later & MacOS 10.14 and later
(* Supports up to 4th generation including the latest version of iOS and MacOS.)

Please note that the RemoteMeeting service, including app downloads, will not be available on devices below the supported specifications after October 2021.

Warm regards,
RemoteMeeting Team

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