Scheduled maintenance / update – 2020.10.22

Hello, this is RemoteMeeting Team.

To provide a better service and reflect your feedbacks, RemoteMeeting will be performing a scheduled maintenance / update on the following date/time. Service will be updated to v.2.15.3.

* Date/time: Thursday October 22nd, 2020 between19:00~00:00 (UTC+09:00)
* Target: Web
∙ Mobile service, RemoteMeeting BOX, AMS (server)
* Description:
RemoteMeeting provides private online video conferencing service with enhanced conference room security.


RemoteMeeting provides private online video conferencing service with enhanced conference room security.


1. Private and smoother meetings with room lock feature

As only users with the password can enter, problems such as interruption of progress due to reckless intrusion of conference room and security of conference contents can be avoided.


   To enter a password locked meeting room, enter the password shared by the meeting room creator.


[Note] Password lock a meeting room & blocking access

<Meeting room password lock>
The password is set automatically and can be changed. (copy option available)mceclip1.png

<Block room access : previous room lock function>
Enabled when the [Block access] menu is clicked while the room lock is ONmceclip2.png

How to Use
① Create a meeting by accessing > Start meeting
② Select meeting room lock [ON]
③ Set password and block access


2. Enhanced meeting room security
Set the room access restrictions from the admin pagemceclip3.png

- Only logged-in users and group users can join the meeting
- Guest user with shared password can join the meeting

How to Use
① Access and log in with the administrator account
② Administrator page (User Admin) > Security > Settings > Participation restriction
③ Select attendee restriction (no restrictions, login users, group users)

* This service is only available to business customers with paid accounts.
* Only accounts from the group can log in by accessing the web. (No access by other groups)


[Note] Improved meeting attendee restriction to allow login user, group user, and guest user participation



- Other bugs and fixes

We expect minimal downtime and advise that temporary outages of service are a possibility. Try refreshing the page or reconnecting to to use the service.

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