Urgent patch notice (new feature added) – 2020.04.09

Hello, this is RemoteMeeting Team.

To provide a better service and reflect your feedbacks, RemoteMeeting will be performing a urgent maintenance / update on the following date/time. Service will be updated on April 9th, 2020 to v.2.13.6.

* Date/time: Thursday April 9th, 2020 after 22:00
* Target: Web service
* Description: Online
[Seminar] mode beta service added.


RemoteMeeting’s [Seminar] mode is
- Meeting room is created with only the creator’s camera active and visible (all other participants camera will be OFF).
- Meeting creator will become the speaker of the room (all other participants microphone will be OFF).
- Participants can request permission to speak if needed.
- [Seminar] mode can only be started from a PC but participants can join from both PC and mobile.

[Seminar] mode user permission    

   Meeting create Participant (Web) Participant (App)
Create Room O X X
Camera ON/OFF O X X
Microphone ON/OFF O X X
Request to speak - O O


We expect minimal downtime and advise that temporary outages of service are a possibility.
Try refreshing the page or reconnecting to www.remotemeeting.com to use the service.

Warm regards,

RemoteMeeting Team


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