RemoteMeeting Storage Extension Work Notification (220.03.13 22:00-2020.03.14 04:00)

Hello, this is RemoteMeeting Team.

Thank you for always using the RemoteMeeting.
Corona19 has made Web Video-Conferencing solution of RemoteMeeting a must-have tool for telecommuting.
Recently, in the process of multilateral communication using RemoteMeeting,
Due to the proliferation of recording capabilities, we are looking to further expand our storage.

We will proceed with the work as much as possible to ensure that the service is used properly.

Content: RemoteMeeting Services - Storage Expansion Operations
Task Estimated Time: 2020.03.13 22:00 to 2020.13:14 04:00 (KST)

Occasionally, the meeting record or recording created (2020.03.13) may be delayed during that working time.

We will always strive to provide quality and stable service.

Thank you very much.
All of the RemoteMeeting Team.

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