Scheduled update notification – 2019.10.07

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See below for update details.

* Update schedule: October 7, 2019 
(1) AI minute
Using Google's Voice to Text technology, we added the ability to transcribe speech as an AI chat without manually entering meeting minutes.
By enabling AI minute option, meeting minute is created automatically from the speech of the attendees.
Sign in > Create a meeting room > Click the "Minute" icon in the top left > Enable AI minute     

(2) Mirror mode
Option to flip the video screen horizontally is added to select it according to your environment.
Set the screen left and right reversed, the screen is reversed and exposed in My Screen.
Before Sign in or after Sign in > click ‘Settings’ > Select Mirror

(3) Process to join meeting even with camera ∙ microphone being blocked
A process has been added that allow participating in video conferencing even with cameras and microphones being used in other applications.

(4) Other improvements
When someone joins a video conference room with moderator mode enabled, that user follows the room's properties.
Ex.) Enable User mode – When all users' microphones are OFF, the new user’s microphones will automatically turn off when enters the video conference room.

We expect minimal downtime and advise that temporary outages of service are a possibility, so try refreshing the page or sign back in to (

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