RemoteMeeting Business Version Launch and Policy Change Guide - 2017.03.27

Hello, this is RemoteMeeting TEAM.

We are launching the RemoteMeeting Business version on April 3, 2017.
Below is the notice regarding the user information on the free version and introduction to business version.

1. Purging free version membership information

- Membership information used in the existing free version will be destroyed permanently after the update. Please, backup your address book, etc. in advance.

2. Discontinuing mobile app support

- Free version service will be available, and you can use it by starting the meeting and joining the meeting from the homepage main without login.
- Free version's mobile app service is temporarily discontinued.
- Free version allows up to 2 simultaneous participants.

3. Introduction to business edition - What is RemoteMeeting Business?

(1) Provides clearer picture and voice quality.
(2) Up to 100 people can participate in the same meeting.
(3) A lounge of meetings available for quick view and join.
(4) More powerful collaboration with Task / Agenda.
(5) Screen sharing, document sharing, drawing, and laser pointer are provided for a better presentation.
(6) Easily join the meeting with a simple 6-digit access code. Also, send invitation e-mails to outsiders to join without logging in or installing the program.
(7) Focus on meetings without interruption thanks to caller detection and full-screen video conferencing.
(8) Easily record and quickly find your meeting logs. Manage meeting history, including minutes, screenshots, and more.
(9) Access to dashboard to view current service usage from admin console.
(10) Non-members can join the meeting immediately.

4. Change in Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

- The terms of use and privacy policy have changed significantly as paid version is introduced.

[Terms and conditions before change] → [Terms and conditions after change]
[Privacy Policy before change] → [Privacy Policy after change]

Stay tuned for RemoteMeeting and its great service.

RemoteMeeting Team.

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