While living "With Corona", online communication using video conferencing solutions has become a necessity, not an option.
Unlike face-to-face meetings, online meeting is communication through the "screen".
It is also important to show yourself correctly so that the image the others see on their screen during a video conference can make a good impression.
Here are some tips from RemoteMeeting on how to show yourself better with your webcam.




1. Use a simple space and background. 

When having a video conference while working from home, try using a white wall as the background, or a simple space so that large and small household items are not visible.
In addition to the appearance of yourself on the screen, a simple background will not diverse the attention and leaves a more neat and tidy impression.

webcam_tip_02.png   webcam_tip_03.png
A loaded background   A simple background

To protect your personal space and don't want to show a cluttered space as you lack a neat space at home, try using the "Blur background" option.
By blurring the background around yourself, you can have a video conference without exposing your privacy.

webcam_tip_04.jpg   webcam_tip_05.jpg
Blur background OFF   Blur background ON

2. Place the webcam just above your eye level.

In a video conferencing, the most natural angle of view to look at the webcam is when the webcam is slightly above your eye level.
If your webcam is positioned too low or too high above eye level, your gaze will be directed accordingly, and your appearance on the screen can look a awkward and unnatural.  


The location of the webcam is different for each laptop, but adjust the face-to-body ratio to 1:1 by pulling the laptop toward one's body as much as possible. Also, try adjusting the height of the laptop using a stand, a book or a laptop holder according to your gaze.  


3. Brighten your surroundings, use natural light or lighting inside your home.  

Unlike in the office, does your face look darker when you participate in a video conference at home?
This is usually caused by the ceiling light that comes down directly from the top to the bottom.
Rather than participating a meeting underneath the ceiling light, try relocating your seat so that you can receive the light from the ceiling at an angle. It is better to actively utilize ambient lighting or natural light in addition to the ceiling lighting.

- Using natural light
Move your seat around the window where the sun comes in. Make your face naturally bright as long as it is not backlit or at 45 degree on the left/right side of the window where natural light comes in.

- Using simple home lighting
If natural light is not available due to the structure of the house or the time of the day, use a light available around the home.
Use a desk lamp, a smartphone light, or an emergency flashlight positioning it at a 45 degree angle to the left/right side of your face.
Different from the natural light, you will see a warm and bright effect.

- Using a reflector
If it's difficult to get lighting, try brightening up your face with white paper, mirrors, or silver foil paper.
In this case, please adjust it so that it is located above your lap or under your face, such as on the keyboard.



4. Follow common video conferencing etiquette.   

On those important meetings where participants need to focus on the screen:
v Prepare yourself with a neat and tidy appearance as if you are going to work or on a business trip.
v Note that colorful patterned clothes or clothes with too bright (fluorescent) colors may distract others.
v Shiny accessories can be reflected off your webcam and put a strain on the other person's gaze.

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