Scheduled maintenance / update – 2021.3.30

Hello, this is RemoteMeeting Team.

To provide a better service and reflect your feedbacks,
RemoteMeeting will be performing a scheduled maintenance / update on the following date/time.
Service will be updated to v.2.16.3.

* Date/time: Tuesday March 30th, 2021 between 19:00~00:00 (UTC+09:00)
* Target: Web ∙ Mobile service, RemoteMeeting BOX
* Description: Screen sharing, Share sound

Play video (visual) content during the online meeting or presentation.
Rather than simply sharing the presentation (document), playing a video helps the audience to better
understand and keep them entertained and interested in the presentation without losing focus.


Share a YouTube video or video file played on the presenter's PC
through the screen sharing!
Not only the screen, but also the sound is vividly shared.


▣ Turn on the sound sharing option in screen sharing. Not only the PC screen, but now the sound is presented!

Video is the fastest "meeting material" to understand the core of the content. If there is a video that summarizes the content of the presentation or helps understand it, try sharing the YouTube video, video/audio file saved on your PC to the meeting participants. Not only the screen but also sound can be shared, allowing a more effective communication through visual/audio contents.


How to Use
① Open and login.
② Start a meeting from the lounge and invite participants.
③ Click the [Screen Sharing] icon on the top menu.
④ After selecting the screen to play the video (My Full Screen / Application Window / Chrome Tab),
⑤ Check the option □ Share sound
⑥ (Select the video as Full screen) Click the Share button.

On Mac PC, sound sharing is available from a Chrome tab.



Other updates

▣ Added option to clear the search field of the participant list
In [Participant List], the ability to clear the text typed in the search field has been added.
Delete all the entered text in one click by pressing the X button.


How to Use
① Open, login and start a meeting.
② Press Participant list
③ Type the search term and press X to clear them.


▣ Other minor issue and bug fixes applied.
We expect minimal downtime and advise that temporary outages of service are a possibility.
Try refreshing the page or reconnecting to to use the service.


Warm regards,

RemoteMeeting Team

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