RemoteMeeting technology for delivering high audio quality (2)

To increase the immersion of video conferences, it detects only the human voice and delivers clearer and more accurate sound.


Voice Activity Detection (VAD) technology

- RemoteMeeting has improved the voice quality during the meeting to be delivered to the other party in a natural and clear manner as the speaker speaks by detecting the small voices of the other participants.

Even in multi-party, large crowd meetings where loud and small background noise is generated, VAD technology separates the noise from the human voice, allowing for a more focused meeting.

Small noises are removed with existing background noise canceling technology, and detects and transmits human large and small voices. 


* Underlying technology

- VAD (Voice Activity Detection) is a technology that can detect and distinguish between a person's speech and other noises.

Even in places with occurrence of loud noise, voice activity detection (VAD) is capable of transmitting clearly small audible voices without being missed or ignored.



RemoteMeeting technology for delivering high audio quality (1)

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