How to use DROIDCAM for RemoteMeeting?

This description was written based on Window OS.

In case you do not have a webcam available on your PC or laptop, you can use your mobile device's camera as a webcam for video conference. However, since it is not a service provided by RemoteMeeting, it should be used at your own risk.


1. Before getting connected



From your smartphone, aearch and download the DroidCam webcam application that can use your mobile phone as a PC webcam.


DroidCam APP (free)


* Click the button image below to download.





From PC, download the connection program.
(Only available on Window 7 or higher)

Install the program from


2. Configuration


Run the program downloaded on your PC to complete the installation. When the installation is completed normally, a window for entering the IP address and port displayed on the mobile phone screen appears when the program starts.




First, run the DroidCam program on your PC and run the DroidCam app on your smartphone.
When launching the app for the first time, select [Allow] for photo and audio permission.



After allowing the permission, enter the WIFI IP and DroidCam Port that appear on the PC and click the [Staart] button.


The screen of the smartphone camera appears on the program screen of the PC.


※ Wi-Fi connection: The smartphone and PC to be connected must be connected to the same Wi-Fi.
※ When the desktop is wired connection: Connect the smartphone to the PC using a cable.


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