What is RemoteMeeting's "Seminar mode"?

Unsettled environment, stutter during the presentation,
try using RemoteMeeting's Seminar mode to effectively
conduct the presentation.

1. Presenter-centric video conferencing


Meeting starts with the microphones of participants (students) except the organizer (meeting organizer, teacher) turned off.
In addition, participants can ask for a say which is granted by the organizer, making effective use of presentation and questioning time.
*Supports up to 100 attendees

2. Reliable connection guaranteed

Empower organizer's authority (meeting presenter) and control only when a video connection is needed.
Seminar mode minimizes device and network resources to ensure a more reliable connection.

[Seminar mode] Permission to use by user

Feature Meting creator Attendee (Web) Attendee (App)
 Create room O X X
Camera ON/OFF O X X
Microphone ON/OFF O X X
Request to speak - O O


To learn more about the seminar mode and online presentation, click the link below.

[ View User Guide ]

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