My camera is not recognized (pre-check)

In case the camera is not recognized when starting or joining a meeting in RemoteMeeting, follow the steps below to pre-check the environment.



  1. Check if the browser is allowed to access the camera 

Connect to the website samples/src/content/ getusermedia/gum/
and press [Open camera] on the bottom-right corner to check if video is displayed. 



  1. Check the camera resolution

Connect to the website
and press [VGA] and [HD] and check if video is displayed.

*  If at least one of them displays the video, then it can be used with RemoteMeeting.

RemoteMeeting service requires a webcam that supports VGA or HD (normal and HD quality).



If you do see the video displayed on the website above but still experiencing problems, contact us via this website. 

If you do not see the video on the website above, refer to the instruction below.

  1. Camera is not recognized on Windows 10. 
  2. Camera is not recognized due to Webcam programs.
  3. Camera is not recognized on Samsung laptops.  
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